About FireRight/Warner Instruments

Warner Instruments is a family-owned, family-operated manufacturer of electronic controls.

Our business was founded in Grand Haven, Michigan in January 1976, moving to its present location in August 1981. Principals are Gene L Warner (founder) and Patricia M Warner, currently Manufacturing Operations Manager. Our operations are conducted from a 1400 sq ft one-story brick/frame building located on a well-traveled street in an industrial section of the city. Employment varies between three and seven persons.

Our FireRight™ Group designs, manufactures and markets patented electronic temperature control systems for ceramic kilns, glass annealing furnaces (lehrs) and environmental test chambers. These are sold under the FireRight and Warner Instruments trade names, and as branded proprietary items, to other manufacturers. We sell through some 200 domestic and foreign dealers and manufacturers, and purchase materials and services from over 250 foreign and domestic suppliers.

Our publishing group, or BoysMind Books™, is operated as a wholly owned division of Warner Instruments. This division specializes in self-published paperback books authored by indepedant writers.