Customer Support

Technical Support

Immediate technical support is available weekdays from 8:00AM thru 5:00PM. Personnel are also sometimes available outside of normal working hours, and will answer if available. Submit questions and inquiries any time of day by email. Email is usually answered with twelve hours. Technical assistance is provided without charge and proof of purchase is not required.

Knowledge Base

An easy-to-use Product Information Database including trouble shooting, specifications, tech memos, warranty information and frequently asked questions. Click here.

Warranty & Factory Service

Our standard warranty provides free repair service for products that fail within a year from the date or original purchase. Free on-site service is not offered. You must send your control to our factory, freight prepaid to take advantage of this warranty. Simply use the procedure indicated for regular factory service. We support every product ever manufactured by Warner Instruments, providing non-warranty repairs at very reasonable flat-rates:

  • Soak/Shut-Off Controllers   $59.95
    (07, 08, 09, KilnTroller, FireRight LT)
  • Temperature/Rate Controllers   $79.95
    (09vr, FireRight Sr)
  • Turn-Up Controllers   $34.95
    (FireRight jr, AutoMate II)
  • Heat Limit Controllers   $59.95
  • Hi/Lo Temp Limit Controllers   $89.95
    (TempSentry, SafeGuard, ChamberMate)
  • Inspection, Testing, Recalibration, etc.   $24.95
    (Any - Minimum Service Charge)

Items needing repair may be shipped to our factory at the address provided on our contact information page. No prior authorization is required. Please include a note giving a description of the problem, the address to which we should ship your repaired unit, and your contact informaiton (phone number and email address). Serviced items are usually returned within one day of their receipt at the factory.

We can ordinarily ship and bill, invoicing your repair charges on net/30 terms. Your personal or company check will be accepted in payment. Billings and advance payments may also be made online using your checking account or credit card through our secure payment processing system.

Kiln-Sitter Assistance

FireRight controls are often found on kilns which are also equipped with the KilnSitter, a mechanical, cone-actuated shut off device. We do not manufacture, and are not able to support that control. Although the original manufacturer is no longer supporting the product, a similar control, with interchangable parts, is now offered by Skutt Ceramic Products (archived). Check their web site for information, and a list of supporting dealers, distributors, and repair service providers.

Other Resources

We are not able to offer support for kiln-related questions, or knowledgable suggestions related to ceramics, pottery-making, kiln firing, and so on. For assistance of this kind you might wish to visit Ceramic Arts Daily website, or browse the archived clayart discussions.